If I offer up on the altar of life a piece of me that serves my community, it is a gift giving. It is not something that removes anything from me and in the giving I make that piece sacred. If I offer up parts of me that have been wounded, but I don’t live in the pain of that wounding and instead write a new story of Who I Am afterward than the wound itself becomes sacred and my story afterward becomes my gift to my community.

Pamela V. Jones/Boneweaver, Compassion for Self First/Who Did I Say I Would Be?
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Short video of the first episode of Supernatural Season 10!!


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Psychic hygiene 101: “an ounce of prevention”

Psychic hygiene 101: “an ounce of prevention”

Heather Freysdottir:

Much good advise here. Not every type of magic I do is Norse either, y’all – for similar reasons. A varied toolkit is a GOOD THING.

Originally posted on The Serpent’s Labyrinth:

Here’s a post on how to avoid being in a situation where you need to banish entities.

1. Ward your living space.  Shield yourself.  If you are sick, stressed, or otherwise low energy, you can use…

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Embracing Marvel Loki, or how I stopped worrying about how to be a “tru” Lokean

Embracing Marvel Loki, or how I stopped worrying about how to be a “tru” Lokean

Once upon a time, I had a Muse, and that Muse turned out to be a God named Loki. In hindsight, I wonder how I didn’t know or notice that the Muse was something that was Not Me, and the answer is layered – there’s a part of Loki that absolutely IS part of me, there’s my own doxa that anything we imagine exists, perhaps because we imagined it and brought it into being, or perhaps that part of our…

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